Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Training is about to begin...and more 5k pics!

1. That's me in the pink...my dad decided to try to give me the iced tea sample! (He's a trip, in case you didn't notice!)
2. All of us before the race....apparently Jen didn't expect me to be SO friendly!
3. Whole group after the race; the other two who aren't my sisters are Deb (Blonde) and Anne Marie (Brunette)
4. Part of our cheering section: OUR mom and dad! We felt like little kids!

I NEED BLOGGER HELP! when I upload my pics, all I see is script, not the picture. Hence my captions underneath. It used to be the full on pics, and now it's just codes and words etc. IT's annoying because I can't move them around. Anyone else experience this?! HELP! I also STILL can't figure out how to put in a link to someone's blog by using their name with the ability to click on it as a link. HELLLP!

I printed up my training chart again. It worked really well before, so I decided to stick with it for this half. It's Ryan Hall's Half Marathon Training Program: http://www.runnersworld.com/charts/hallchart.html I've decided this time to do the long program instead of the short program. We'll see how this goes. If time does not permit it, I will do a short program long run if necessary. I'm really excited to have a training schedule again, I've somehow been floundering without it. And I'm excited to do this on vacation when I'm in Virginia, because it's a GREAT running spot and scenic...I'll just have to wake up WICKED early to avoid the crazy heat! The longest run on this schedule is 16 miles. That's a personal best distance wise. I'm nervous, but I really want to try for the 20 miles to see if I can do it in order to examine if I can try a marathon. Wow that sounded WAY too teacher-ish!

Now I need your help for two things. First, does anyone know of a blog about buying houses? Or have you purchased a home? The hubby and I are considering purchasing a home in the next two years or so and I want to be more informed. He's good at this kind of stuff, but I want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly, in order to better prepare for this (sometimes stressful) experience! Second thing, now this is goign to sound REALLY strange: I rode horses as a teenager, and was helping my mom clean out my old room. I found a BRAND NEW pair of outdoor riding gloves...not leather ones, they're almost like running/biking gloves with grippies. If you ride horses, you know what I mean! So, if you know anyone who does ride horses, I would LOVE to donate them! They're probably worth $20 and never worn. It's not an official contest, I don't think THAT many people who read this ride horses ;-)

After reviewing this blog, I see it's very needy. PLEASE HELP! Thanks ;-)
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