Thursday, July 16, 2009

6 miles yesterday

Yesterday was a decent running day. We FINALLY came back from Connecticut and I took advantage of the wonderful weather! It was hot though. When I run in Queens I don't run for time, and I didn't make great time yesterday. I do the distance thing. I have to dodge people, wait at some crosswalks etc. Once I start up my half marathon training program I'll go into Manhattan to Central Park more often, which has a 6 mile loop just for runners and bikers. But I have to say, I LOVE my fuel belt! Sarah loves her fuel belt as well! As dorky as I look, it really helps when I'm running for over an hour! And I put my bottles in the freezer 15 minutes before leaving, which was GENIUS because it kept my water cold. Towards the end it got a little warm, so I'll just put it in for longer next time!

Today we're trying to go see Letterman because we're bored. The restaurant hasn't been scheduling us...darn recession! ;-) It'll all work out. I'm contemplating a spin class tonight, but I don't know if we'll make it back in time with seeing Letterman.

QUESTION! Runners: I need good running socks! I keep getting blisters and I don't think it's my shoes. Share your knowledge!

We went to the grocery store yesterday and tried to get the minimum amount of food for maximum price. With traveling so much (We have a wedding next weekend!) We're trying to only buy "bare neccesities" instead of stocking up on regular things that I'll always use. We'll see how it goes...and I'm going dress shopping for the wedding next weekend! Shockingly I don't have anything truly appropriate, so many of my friends got marred in the fall/winter/spring that I don't have a "summer" dress! I'm going to deal find at the Macy's
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