Saturday, July 11, 2009

Red Dress Run For Women 5k Report

HA! I've never done a 5k believe it or not! I've only done 4+ mile races, it's so strange but true! My sisters asked me to do it, all 3 of them, and we did! If you can't see it in the picture, we had masking tape on that said "Sister 1, 2, 3, 4" etc...we even counted off a couple of times! Needless to say, the winner did it in 18 minutes (Thank you Brian for telling me and making me feel TOTALLY slow!)

Unfortunately the day began with some rushing. I was supposed to meet my carpool at 7:20, and I got the call from my sister Kate ( at 7:23 and it went like this, "Are you coming?" Yea, I flipped! So I got ready in record time and made it to the car lot by 7:29 (It's 1.5 miles away!) I even remembered my safety pins!

The race was great. There was limited humidity, sunny, and only about 70! There were only 900 people running, and seriously, I've never been in a race under 10,000 people! Because I always run in NYC there's a HUGE turn out every time. Also, my hometown race that I always run ( has about 13,000 people run in it, there's no limit! So, 900 people in this race made me think that I could actually run a good race and a good time without dodging around thousands of people. Unfortunately, my CALLUSES did not go away, and they still hurt like a mother! I even shaved it off and got a buffer. They're better but not racing ready; but I did it anyway. So, my goal was 27 minutes.

I was doing great until I got nauseous because all I ate was a banana and we had dinner at 6 the night before, so I was STARVING! But everything so well put together, the volunteers were encouraging and there was a decent spectator turn out! I sprinted pretty hard at the end, and my cheering group was great! Thanks Mom, Dad, Dave, Evan, John, Roro, Andrew, and Ky!

My unofficial time: 27:33!

Not what I wanted, but it showed me I could do better once my feet are 100%!

Jennifer (Sister number 2) finished in 25ish, totally killing me, good job! She was waiting for me and cheered me on, so I continued with her to wait for sisters #1 and #3! Kate (#3) came around and we cheered! She then joined us as we cheered on Deb and Anne Marie (I was her flower girl!). Last and certainly not least, Sister #1 Melissa came in to a cheering squad! I ran with her a few yards to push her to sprint, she's great! GOOD JOB LADIES!

The post race stuff was AMAZING! For such a small race, Dunkin Donuts had iced tea, coffee, donuts, bagels etc! Popsicles were available, Smart Water was a sponsor, Whole foods had strawberry shortcake and bananas, there was AMAZING iced tea, irunlikeagirl was there, free massages, bloodpressure, rock climbing wall, McDonalds giving away coupons and toys! Whoa it was freebie overload! But we all had a great time.

More pictures to come! Enjoy the weekend!

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