Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog Shout Outs...

I want to give two blog shout outs to some fabulous people.

1. CONGRATS TO MELISSA ON THE BIRTH OF BABY COLTON! He is the cutest little guy, check his picture out! Melissa and her hb have had all of NYC on pins and needles waiting for this young man to join us! After many talks, trips to stores, errands, and belly rubs, he's finally here. Way to go, can't wait to meet him!!!

2. Our AMAZING photog Jennifer Kathryn posted some of our Central park Pictures. She did an incredible job, we're hoping to blow them up onto canvases....and perhaps snag them as Christmas card photos for next year....shoot...we may have leaked the big reveal 11 months early! Haha! Thanks again Jenn; what a great gift to have to forever remember our time in NYC!
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