Monday, January 24, 2011

What a weekend....

With TIRED LEGS! This is from the Jets game back in October. We won then. We will win now. Muahhhh.

This week was TIRING. Not only did we come off of a day off, I had Friday Clubs (Extra 2 hours at school teaching Yoga) AND Saturday school (3 hours of teaching). TI-RED. Tired Kristin, tired legs.

My long run got bumped because I was feeling a little sore. I split the elliptical and the treadmill and cut my miles just a bit. Upon reflection, I did a 7 mile run on a Sunday then an 8 mile run the following Saturday, tough schedule to keep up with all the Packers partying and hosting duties ;-) Wouldn't trade it for the world!!!

Week in Review:

Sunday: No running. Recovering from the previous night's festivities (Packers vs. Falcons)
Monday: No running. TONS of walking around Manhattan.
Tuesday: 3.1 miles (hills)
Wednesday: 3 miles (Tempo run)
Thursday: 4.3 miles (Easy COLD outdoor run)
Friday: Nunca. Pooped. Dentist appointment after a long day.
Saturday: 3 miles (Tempo)
Sunday: 4 miles elliptical, 2 miles treadmill
Monday: 3 miles

January Total: 53.3 miles!!!
*I've technically met my January goal...a week early...*

Now here's a question: I don't count my elliptical as running. Should I? Hmmm....
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