Sunday, January 16, 2011

Irrational thoughts that motivate...

So. WE WON! GO PACKERS! We had an epic party, lots of to follow.

I thought I would post about my RANDOM thought patterns as I run, and how I convince myself to keep going. Above is Astoria Park, where I've been taking my long runs because it had hills and flats. And gets decently plowed after our bouts with snow.

Thoughts on a long run...

Mile 1:
  • Darn crosswalk, turn to a walk signal! I need to get a good first mile in.
  • I feel like mile 1 should be beeping its triumphant entry to me...
  • Oh good. Drink water
Mile 2:
  • Gosh this is a long second mile.
  • I want to go fast.
  • Why does my watch say 10 minute miles?!
  • Oh good. Drink water.
Mile 3:
  • Ok, I've been doing 3 miles run and so far I feel like I've run 5. 5 more to go. Ugh.
  • Oh good. Drink water.
Mile 4:
  • Half way there!
  • Two more loops!
  • Oh good. Drink water.
Mile 5:
  • Ok just a 3 mile run left. I can do this. It's normal. I do this every day.
  • This is so easy. 3 miles.
  • Oh good. Drink water.
Mile 6:
  • Final loop.
  • Time to head home!
  • Oh good. Drink water.
Mile 7:
  • Why is my watch telling me I'm 1/4 mile away? I thought I measured it out right. I'm over a half mile from my house....
  • Maybe I'll walk to recover.
  • Maybe I'll run the extra distance.
  • Maybe I'll walk to recover.
  • Oh good. MILE 8! Drink the rest of the water.
Then I walk home thinking how, every single time I run in the park, I always end up at the right mileage far away from my house, even though I know the park is 1.2 miles from my house...

As you can tell, I'm constantly convincing myself that it's "Not that bad" and comforting myself by comparing and dividing my long run distances into my weekly run distances. Ha.

It works.
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