Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Playoffs? Play...play playoffs?! PLAYOFFS!

My house has been taken over by the PACKERS! The second picture is only half of it ;-) That's my Christmas photo card display...uhhh, taken over by Packers banners! Thanks husband...

The first picture is the worst picture of me...but the pups look so cute! That's Lambeau's cousin Benji. He's the cutest old man morkie you'll ever meet!!!

Despite the stress and chaos of last week, I feel like it went well. I'm really loving the feeling of eating normally, not crazy Christmas food every five minutes!!! I've kept all my "New Years Goals" so far, starting to think of February goals already...

Also, Jeri told me about the runnersworld log to track your running...L-O-V-E it! Week in review:

Sunday: 3.1 miles
Monday: 3.1 miles (intervals)
Tuesday: 1 mile on the arc (20 minutes)
Wednesday: 2 miles of hills
Thursday: Rest/stress
Friday: Rest/getting over stress
Saturday: 3.6 elliptical and 1 hour of zumba
Sunday: 7.1 miles (!)
Monday: 3.1 miles

January total: 20.8 miles

Also, NYC needs a snow day. God, do your thing. I'll be such a good blogger/blog stalker if it happens!
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