Friday, January 7, 2011

Lesson Learned

First of all, the bruise on my leg is so disgusting from getting smacked by the arc, I may post a picture of it. Blech.

On to more pressing matters...

"Confessions of a Reforming Procrastinator"

I'm a procrastinator to the core about important things. Minor things, easy pacheesy. Majors overwhelm me. When I found out a couple of weeks ago that I needed to take care of some paper work to get my teaching certifications in order, I began working on it, but didn't ask for help. I finally thought I had things squared away. Then, suddenly found out yesterday that my paperwork expired a long time ago.


Major mess up. Here's what it came down to:

A. I should have been informed about this a long time ago.
B. I should have informed MYSELF about such matters. I should have been more on top of my responsibilities to get certified.

Thankfully everything worked out...not before tears, tears, sobbing, whelp, tears and more tears. Picked myself up by my bootstraps, got help, got questions answered, got everything done online, and prayed. LOTS of prayers.

Today at 10am I got the news that everything was going through and I am no longer in danger of losing my certification.

What scared me most is that it is truly my fault that this happened. I am to blame. I almost put a MAJOR roadblock in my career that I have worked VERY hard to be in. I'm so thankful for the people I work with who helped me and want what's best for me. I'm thankful for my husband who brought home wine and a chick flick because he knew I had the worst. day. ever. I'm thankful for my mom who listened to lots of the tears and sobs. I'm truly blessed and thankful this all worked out.

Moral of this confession: Do not put things off until the last second. ever. again.
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