Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goals for 2011

Look at the puppy! Look at how confident and poisted he is!!! What a lovely doggy! Our wedding photographer Jenn Gaudreau, now based in Chicago, had an engagement shoot cancellation, so she offered to shoot some "family pictures" in Central Park. This is just one of tons, but it's BEAUTIFUL. Lambeau looks READY TO GO! Haha he was such a good puppy.

I should be more like Lambeau. Ready for anything. Up in an instant. Playful. Fun. Ha.

I need to set some goals. On our 1:40 minute ride to CT for the annual New Years Day brunch with my family at 7am, Brian fell asleep so I had lot of time to think. Here were some thoughts:

- I'm entered in the Lottery for the ING NYC Marathon. Chances of getting in are, oh, 1 in 4 chances of getting in. But I've been praying...

- My other choice is to run for charity. I've determined if I don't get into the lottery, I will run for charity. My two options are World Vision, benefitting children in Africa, or Team for Kids, which raises money for inner city kids health and fitness programs.

- I have my 26th mile songs picked out.

- No matter what happens, I'm signing up and training for it. It will happen. I have a feeling marathons won't be in my future when we decide to start having children in a couple of years, and I also want to be in really good shape for that endeavor.

- I'm so glad my friend Sara joined my gym. She is getting me there. It means so much to me to have her there.

All this to say: This is the year of the marathon. 2011. My year. My goal. My determination.

That is my 2011 goal. As a teacher, we have to make monthly goals for our kids. I think I like that idea better than a year long goal (Marathon is the biggest fish of them all!).

January Goals:

1. Running two marathons total (averaging 13.1 miles per week. Easily accomplished, but as can be assumed by my MIA status in December, a lot of cookie baking happened and not a lot of running! I have to ease in and kick but one steap at a time!)

2. Logging my workouts and calories burned.

3. Logging food eaten and calories.

4. Adding speedwork.

5. Go to the gym while I'm watching Biggest Loser.

Ok there's 5 for January. I don't think they're too daunting; I think they're just right. The Biggest Loser thing is something I've always wanted to do. Either I will be at the gym or working out in my living room, weather depending, mood depending, etc.

What you missed in December:

2 Year Anniversary = an amazing Tiffany's heart necklace from my amazing husband!
Christmas in Rochester = got a Nook! Lots of time spent with Brian's family and in pajamas!

Snow Storm in NYC = came back to a war zone, snow piled up everywhere unplowed and cars STUCK!

NYE = spent with our friends Nick and Rebecca at their 42nd St. apartment. we walked by Times Square and said "Have fun!" to all the crazies.

January 1: 2.5 mile run up some serious hills.
January total: 2.5 miles
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