Thursday, January 20, 2011

Run fast for your mother / run fast for your father

Woodson, Starks, Jackson, MATTHEWS, Rodgers, Double D's, Jennings, and Tramon, you better run fast this weekend! This is from our original Packers get together; this weekend was slightly more insane, late on Saturday night, and it got us closer to the SUPER BOWL! As always, dogs were "jersey'd up" and ready for viewing.

SO, I got really tired this week. My dad came in on Monday to visit and we walked all over the place, so I didn't work out. Got back into the game on Tuesday with hills which added to the exhaustion from a busy weekend. Wednesday I woke up EARLY (5:30am) and did some p90x arms to cross train, and it felt great. However, when I got home, a series of events was trying to convince me not to work out....

- I got home at 5:30 vs. my regular 5/5:15.
- Too late/dark to run outside
- Couldn't find socks
- Found socks but not favorite socks
- Found earphones for the ipod that worked
- Realized ipod was on RED battery level. Aka solowitwilldienow
- Got to the gym. Sohoticouldbeinasaunainstead
I wanted to go home.
- Waited 8 minutes for a gym (while certain individuals walked at a 2.5 pace without an incline. Walk. Out. Side. For. Goodness. SAKE!)
I wanted to go home.
- Got on the treadmill.

Things that went right since I fought the urge to just go home...
- Decided on a tempo run to make this workout end quickly.
- Ipod played some hot jams by Black Eyed Peas, Fall Out Boy, Drake, and Florence and the Machines (Alphabetical order of course)
- Ipod survived the entire workout
- I survived the entire workout

Lesson of the day: Some sort of work out is better than no work out.

Song of the day: Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machines
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