Thursday, March 22, 2012

1/2 marathon, you better be sunny, and goals.

Weather can rear its ugly head and "rain on your parade" at any time. I have a good relationship with weather. God listens. I prayed for six months straight that it would snow for our wedding; we got a huge snowstorm (Pastor said I should've prayed a little less!) My friend followed the trend and got married in Central Park in April and asked me to pray. Rain was forecasted 100% for the entire day. It rained as we left the reception. God, you're cool. So, when I saw the forecast change back to rain, I got bummed. It's a lot of people's first half marathon! Dear God, please let the rain hold off until, say, 11am! New forecast: PM showers. I'll take it.

Goals: There is only one goal. My goal is to get this girl across the finish line:
Details on said goal: We have grand plans for negative splits. We're going to start the first 1-2 miles in the 11's (GASP! We're average runners, no judgments). We're going to work our way into and try to stay in the 10's until mile 10-11. Then we'll see how Mrs. Gray feels. It is up to her. I want to her to cross the finish line tired, but injury free with a good feeling towards distance running. So, if she feels good, we kick it up a notch. If she's struggling, we pop in the iPod and run this race out. TBD. I like this coaching thing.

Clothing choice wasn't too tough. I'm recycling my marathon outfit since I'm running with World Vision again. The hat and gray long sleeve are weather TBD. I've never raced in a hat, but if it's raining, I should. I chose my clothing after rereading a great post about running in the rain. So, if it looks decently sunny and the rain will hold off, tshirt and shorts it is!
Carb loading rocks my socks off. I got this yummy number from a great restaurant. Whole wheat linguine and veggies. What we forgot to photograph was the fried feta cheese sesame blocks. Yum doesn't begin to describe them!
Oh wait, the Groupon includes dessert!? Yes. Not one, but TWO. Ugh. Ok, I guess we'll go for it. Not pictured because it was devoured so quickly was the frozen chocolate covered cheesecake with walnuts (It was even on a Popsicle stick). For realsies, it was out of control. Then there's the Devil's PB&B, pictures below. Peanut butter frosting, bananas and chocolate cake coated with amaretto. This is in my fridge. Will it last until tomorrow night? Nope.
Tomorrow is packet pick up/meet up. I have to rush into Manhattan after work to pick up my racing materials. I also get to possibly meet some wicked awesome runners/bloggers/girls. Women? Eh, I don't think girls is a derogatory statement. It's a term of "endearment".

Have you raced in the rain? Are you racing this weekend? TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!

2 Days until the 13.1NYC Half Marathon!!!
44 Days until the Pittsburgh Half Marathon!!!

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