Sunday, March 25, 2012

What happens when your race photog is funny

Ever have a personal race photog? I think that is what I'll refer to Mr. and Mrs. Anders as. They came as well prepared spectators with signs and a fancy picture taking device. Mr. Anders loves to put it on the mode that takes tons of pictures in quick succession. What you're about to see is how much fun we were having in our half marathon by way of photos! (Can't wait to see the official race photos, we actually posed for them!!!)

SURPRISE! Mr. Anders jumps out from behind a tree and surprises/SCARES us! He also decided to run with us for more photos!
It's just so funny to be running right now!
Keeled over, not good form. The guy in the background loved the spectacle.
Clapping because I'm laughing and trying to balance???
Got it together, like a good coach. (That is NOT a heel strike...)
Got my stride back. But wait, he's still there! MAKING JOKES!
Mrs. Gray, my little protege, keeps fine form. Me? Well...
Don't know how I stayed upright here. Consider Mrs. Gray and I opposites.
Wait! The baby! Watch out for the baby! THE BABY!
Ah, baby was safe and sound.
This was about 60 seconds of photos. They are so much fun to look back on!!!

Do you have any funtastic race photos that make you laugh? TELL ME ABOUT IT!!!
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