Monday, March 19, 2012

Glad Game Monday VIII

I haven't been glad in a while!!! I think I missed a few Monday's...oops! I'm SURE I was glad those days too. So, here we go...don't forget to tell me about what you're BURSTING AT THE SEAMS glad about!

I'm glad for unparalleled amazing March weather! Lambeau's tongue says it how it was ridiculously warm today, aka 73 degrees:
I am glad that my husband and I currently have similar work schedules. Mr. Miller was always coming home later than me, even with my after school hours. Now, he's home by 4:30. It is so great that we get to spend more than an hour or two a night together, especially when I'm a goner by 9pm!
I'm glad that our off season clothes don't go into far off storage. As much as I dislike overflowing dresser drawers (We have 2 and a half size one...), plus under bed storage and over the closet storage, having my warm weather clothing easily accessible has been a gigantic PLUS this year! By the way, I love shorts. (Note: Lambeau's tongue is still going CAH-RAZY)
I'm glad that we have a balcony. This is the best part of the apartment! Balcony breakfasts coming soon...May....anyway, it's the best for spring. We grilled on our mini grill and ate a delicious dinner of buffalo chicken sausages, sauteed peppers and onions, annie's mac and cheese, and a refreshing PBR al fresco. Mmmm. Dinner of 1/2 marathon champions!
I'm glad I tried a new salad. I was almost, ALMOST getting tired of my Boar's Head lunch meat Chicken breast salad...almost. (I can eat the same thing forever. and ever. and ever. if I like it. Remember: I don't like change.) So, I had this wild and crazy idea on Sunday after I made a yummy frittata recipe (I added red peppers and omitted the butter), I thought maybe my daily lunch salad needed a make over. So, I decided to go cobb style! 4 strips of turkey bacon (30 calories each), 1 egg (70 calories), diced carrots, red peppers and celery (50 calories max) with a little shredded cheddar cheese (70 calories), topped with some DELICIOUS lowfat Ken's honey mustard dressing. (Tomorrow I'll spice things up with half an avocado, just because I can.) Maybe it was the egg, but I was WAY more full than normal today. Yes. Exciting. This will be placed on repeat. all. week.
I am glad that I am 51% of the way toward my fundraising goal! Thank you to all who have donated!!! If anyone is interested in honoring World Water Day (3/22/12) by donating toward providing clean drinking water for impoverished villages in Africa, by all means, CLICK THE LINK! You won't be sorry. Tax deductible. Enough said.

I am glad it's RACE WEEK! I hear rumors I might meet some virtual friends, aka bloggers and tweeters I've become acquainted with. Also, I'm glad the extended day forecast, which called for rain, was changed because God answers prayer. Not 80 degrees like this coming Thursday. Partly cloudy and 59 as the high. Perfect. Not too hot, not cold, just RIGHT.

What are YOU glad about today? Are you bursting at the seams!? Are you still wallowing in the Monday "where has the weekend gone?!" woes?! TELL ME ABOUT IT!

5 Days until the 13.1NYC Half Marathon!!!
47 Days until the Pittsburgh Half Marathon!!!
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