Saturday, March 3, 2012

Support me in my 13.1NYC RUN!!!

"Goals come and go; finish lines are constant accomplishments." -by Kristin Miller

I penned that beautiful running gem a few a weeks ago. My current accomplishment that I am chasing is completing the 13.1NYC. As many you old school readers know, I ran with Team World Vision for the ING NYC Marathon. I am continuing to partner with this INSTRUMENTAL charity for my upcoming race on 3/24/12.
Oh wait, you want to see how it all happened?! Watch this video about my marathon journey. Warning: There may be goosebumps. I may cry a bit every time I watch it...

Well, Mrs. Miller, what does that mean to me? I'm so glad you asked! It means you can be part of an amazing opportunity to give back. As a Team World Vision runner, I am fundraising to provide deep water well pumps to villages in Africa who have NO. CLEAN. DRINKING. WATER. Not only does World Vision install the pumps (Which cost over $17,000 I believe), they train the people in the village to fix them to ensure continued use of the pumps for years to come.
Mrs. Miller, seriously, I have no money right now. I know. Times are tough; we're saving, working more, race registrations etc. Consider giving up one fro yo run, or one Starbucks latte; just $5 would make a huge difference! Imagine a life where you drank mud. Imagine someone who was generous to give up one pleasure to provide a need for someone else.

Okay Mrs. Miller, let's say I MIGHT be interested in helping, what do I have to do? Wow, you're really into this now, I can tell. Click this link: Give whatever you want. Let's make this happen readers!!!

As I said in January, I'm trying to make this the year of giving. What can I do through the run? What can you do through the run? Together we can fight against poverty. Let's #makeitcount.

Okay Mrs. Miller, is there anything cool you could seal the deal with? Sure. Bart Yasso runs for and supports Team World Vision. That's legit.

21 Days until the 13.1NYC Half Marathon!!!

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