Saturday, March 24, 2012

I coached my first 13.1!

When I say "coach", I use that term loosely! When I say coach I mean, I talked Mrs. Gray into running this half marathon, picked out a training plan and tweaked it as needed, monitored her progress, gave her advice and encouragement, and promised mimosas and brunch. Coach-like, right? So, here is our 1/2 marathon journey through iPhone photos:

Pre-race jitters: We were so excited! There may or may not have been tears during the national anthem....
We saw our "entourage", there were PLENTY of race giggles.
Every race needs some jazz hands and fist pumps!
And then, things got tough. Mrs. Gray and I battled through some tough miles, and she was truly a champ. No photos of the tough times. Those are being emailed to me by the fabulous Mrs. Anders, featured below, who was our official "race photog" and AMAZING sign designer!

Then, I coachingly said, "We must go to brunch!" Hello open faced egg mcmuffin!
Said photog Mrs. Anders and the half marathon finishers:
Perhaps I played upon racing fever? Why yes, I did convince my friend to sign up for her first ever 10k right then and there at the brunch table. Looks like I have another coaching job!
Congrats to all my fellow 13.1NYC runners who did it for the first time, PR'd, and FINISHED!!!

How was your weekend?! Did you race?! TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Race report coming SOON! (Trust me, the photos are going to be PRICELESS.)

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