Thursday, March 15, 2012

Heat Running Tips

First tip: Don't eat these by the dozen:Dangerous is their REAL name!

Back to real running stuff.

I've had a case of allergies. Annoying allergies too! Just post nasal drip, meaning I'm drinking an obscene amount of liquids and coughing. Tea, water, water, water, wine, you name it, I've got it! Also, parent teacher conferences were Tuesday, and that always sets me off my rocker. It's such a long day (8:10-7:30...I know I know, some people work longer, but it's MAYHEM). Add in the time change, and Mr. Miller has sent me to bed after finding me passed out with my Nook reading Mockingjay....before 9pm :-( I WILL finish it tonight! 60 pages!

This week in running. I did 3 miles on Monday and it was HOT. I did 5 miles yesterday and it was HOT. Hence, I thought I would post on the do's and don't's of running in the heat. "Wait, it's not THAT hot, it's beautiful!" That's what I thought too...and then slowly but surely, I began to realize what I SHOULD be doing as I got warmer and warmer during some beautiful runs this week.

Mrs. Miller's Top Tips for Running in the Heat:

1. Drink more water. You'll be happy you did. Even a 10 degree increase can expedite dehydration.
2. Wear layers. I wore a short sleeve and an "I can be seen in public" tank top underneath. I lost the short sleeve within the first mile every time. This definitely helped my body adjust to the 20+ degree temperature swing we've been experiencing in NYC!
3. Run in the shade if you get really hot. I know you want all the Vitamin D you can get, but you need to know your body. If you're feeling hot and flushed, run in some shade and see if it subsides. I take it no one will have sprinklers going already, so that alternative isn't an option :-)
4. Don't worry about pace. This advice is take it or leave it. Some people run faster as the weather gets nicer. Me? I'm a winter runner. I overheat easily, get dehydrated easily, and need to slow it down and adjust as the temperature rises.

For more official advice, see the Runner's World Tips! Most shocking info from it that every 5 degrees rise above 60 degrees can slow your average pace down 20-30 seconds! EEK!

In case I don't post tomorrow: GOOD LUCK TO ALL RUNNERS THIS WEEKEND! Especially the NYC Half Marathoners Sunday! I have several friends running and I'm excited to hear their stories. First timers, old times, GO GO GO!

I am excited for my race next weekend. I will be joined by two friends who are first timers. Mrs. Gray you've seen, Ms. Bailey is too fast to catch! She has been doing fantastically during her training, and her pace has been getting faster and faster. It makes me so happy to see people trying something new and SUCCEEDING!

REMINDER! I'm running with Team World Vision!!! Check out my video, then support me as I raise money to provide clean drinking water to villages in Africa! Thank you to all my supporters, you're awesome!!!

9 Days until the 13.1NYC Half Marathon!!!
55 Days until the Pittsburgh Half Marathon!!!
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