Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another bridge, different story...

SO, instead of running over the bridge into the waiting arms of a prison, I instead chose to go on the 59th st bridge which I KNOW drops me into Manhattan! :-) So, I ran for 1 hr 14 minutes, I know I know, slow runner, but the bridge was a tough incline and I was fighting through my allergies and crosswalks. . I can't really clock it because I took some one way's etc, but I want to say it was over 5 miles, maybe not quite 6....sad because I wanted to go for 6! Another day, another dream...

FREE ICED COFFEE DAY! At Dunkin Donuts! Yea! It was nice to not have to pay. But it was a small so I got a small hot too (hot feels better on my scratchy throat!).

Cute story: A new student arrived from China named Rory. Rory is a little intriguing because he understands some things in English, but I don't think he has ever been in a school setting, and therefore sitting with his hands folded, not putting things in his mouth like his pencil or his backpack, may be a foreign thought to him. I've been teaching him this week how to "fold his hands" and my's so sad, but I feel like I'm talking to a dog. "Rory, sit." I show him how to sit, and he sits. "Rory, stand up....Rory, open the door....Rory, get the pencil out of your nose..." and I have to act it out and say it over and over. But my cute story is this. When I asked him to fold his hands, I didn't show him how, and he did it! And then I said, "What is my name Rory?" "Miss Mac." He replied...awwwww! My heart melted even though he proceeded to put his backpack handle into his mouth to hold it (kinda like a dog...hmmm...) ANYWAY! A lot of my Chinese students have trouble pronouncing the letter "r" because it doesn't exist in their language. WELL, why did his parents name him RoRy!? I ask him his name and he says, "Loly." Too cute. But in all seriousness, the boy needs to say his name correctly!

TGIF. I'm hanging with an old friend tomorrow night, seeing Prince Caspian (!) after work on Saturday, Sunday is just going to be church and that's it!!!
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