Monday, May 12, 2008

Running in New York City...

So, I did the post about running in Connecticut. Now I will relate Running in NYC.

- Running on sidewalks filled with people everywhere is more challenging!
- People are always eating on the sidewalks, which also makes me laugh.
- I decided to do a 5 mile run; to the Triborough Bridge and back.
- As I run over the bridge I'm thinking, "Wow, it is so nice outside!"
- There is a gorgeous view of Manhattan from this bridge
- I'm running over a rive. I love running near any sort of water.

So, those are some of the great things about running in NYC. However, my run ended in a weird way. As I'm running over the bridge I'm coming to the end (This is the first time I've run over the bridge...) of the bridge, almost ready to turn around and head back, and I start to look around. Hmmm. Why is there barbed wire over that fence to my left? Hmmm, is that a set of projects to my right?! Yes, ladies and gents, I ran onto Rikers Island. I didn't realize that's where the trail went, and I wondered why no one was running on such a nice day. Needless to say, I ran as fast as I could back across the bridge.

So, the moral of this story, is not to run anywhere, especially alone, if you don't know what's on the other side! :-)

5 miles went well. It takes me a while because there are hills and I get stuck at cross walks, but I felt great to finally break that threshold again. Keep going!!! If you're doing the *May*keover, continue! This weekend was tough with all the desserts, but I kept strong... :-)

Ps. Don't tell my parents about the bridge!
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