Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Work out blues...

So, it's been HORRIBLE weather. Well, not exactly. It's been TEASING me. I wake up to a bright smiling blue sky, full of hope and promise, and right around my lunch time it goes downhill, and when I'm supposed to leave school for the day it gets even worse! Without fail. It's very sad. And these past two days I've been busy so I haven't been able to work out. These are my two days off I guess. But tomorrow is supposed to rain as well! I hate it. Maybe I have that condition where my mood is effected by the rain...nah. I just feel lathargic just like everyone else. I'll just bite the bullet and run on the treadmill tomorrow. :-( If it could just not rain for when I want to run, it would make my life so much better. Hopefully I'll hit up 6 miles today, and a big bulk this weekend. I had a 17 mile week last week, and I really want to at least match it this week.

So. I have a student named Fan. He loves the Mets. I love the Yankees. So he teases me if they lose etc. So I have been calling him "Met Fan"....He's been calling me Ms. Yankees! Ha I can't get enough o fit. So funny.

I had to test the kindergarten SPECIAL ed kids reaffirmed why I didn't go into special ed. I love them, but I know my patience would wear thin quickly. There is just no reasoning with them, once they have their mind set on something, that's it. One kid told me his hand was cut and he needed a band aid; it was not cut, no need for a band aid, but he wouldn't calm down because he was convinced he needed to go to the hospital. Very sad. Very heartbreaking.

I start summer school (college) in's looming! I'm going to be so tired. EW. NO ME GUSTA! But if I can knock out a course in a month, I might as well bite the bullet. Thankfully I figured everything out today for it, so it's a big weight off my shoulders.
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