Saturday, May 10, 2008

Running in Connecticut

Here is why I love running in Connecticut:
  • The sound of my feet pounding on the pavement can actually be heard. In the city, it is drowned out my cars and trains and people everywhere.
  • Smelling fresh cut grass. (No, not the Yankee Candle scent) I can't tell you how many people were cutting their grass today. It was glorious.
  • Sprinklers: Need I say more?! Ok I will. Going through them during running is instantly cooling. Amazing.
  • People actually say hello. Not in a crazy (cat) stalker kind of way. Just a generally nice nod of the head or actual verbal hello. So homey. So polite. In the city, I get told how hot I am, eyebrow raises and verbal assualts I will not repeat. (These would be all men. Gross.)
  • I don't need music here! I used to because I didn't appreciate the silence. It's so calming and peaceful, hearing just one car pass by and not hundreds!

Well, 4 miles later, I felt I could go forever. But I stopped because my throat has been KILLING me, which I believe is either allergies or laryngitis (sp?) AGAIN, but we'll go with allergies because everyone's allergies have been acting up. But I've been fighting through it and running still, even though I took off Wednesday (Yankee game) and Thursday (Felt like CRAP!).

Being home presents its own challenges!!! I want ICE CREAM! My friend is graduating from Uconn (what what!) and there is an invite for cake....GAH! COFFEE PLEASE! I'm so glad to read that Sarah ran three miles! Keep up the good work! My friends from NYC have been really committed to the *May*keover, but let me say, it's been hard when, during testing, the ladies bring candy and cookies and chocolate and always offer me some!

Goal pants. I have some. I wore them last night. They felt GREAT! I wore them a month and a half ago and was so depressed because they were tight and gave me a "muffin top" (Sorry for the visual if it happened!). But yesterday I tried them on and they felt wayyyyyyyy better!


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