Monday, May 5, 2008

Just another Monday Manic...

Yes, I know the words to the song. And no, I did not write that incorrectly! So it's beautiful out. Pristine is a word I'd like to label the weather as. Not too hot, not cold, a slight breeze, perfect blue sky. So it's logical that I would go outside and eat my lunch in the park across the street from my school.

As I sit down, someone comes and sits next to me and says hello. I imagine it's someone from school, because she looks like someone who works here that I don't know very well, but realize the visor is a dead give away that it's not that person. The following is the account, word for word, of our conversation that I DID NOT want to have. MM stands for Monday Manic, and K stands for me.

MM: (Sits down next to me on a bench while I start eating my lunch.) "Nice park."
K: "Yes it is. The kids like it."
MM: "The Mets are at an away game tonight. In Arizona. Arizona is far."
K: "Oh really? That's nice." (Sadly I knew that already...the boyfriend...need I say more?!)
MM: "Do you want a cupcake? We can split it." (Offers me a hostess cupcake...*MAY*KEOVER!)
K: "No thank you I don't eat chocolate." (It's kinda true!)
MM: "I have a cat."
K: (Thought: why am I not surprised?) "That's nice."
Sidenote: I am reading a book barely looking up, trying to give the hint that I don't care. Not working.
MM: "His name is Beow like Meow."
K: "That's a nice name." Continue reading...
MM: "Meow Meow, that's what he does. Meow. You're cute. You're a cute girl. Beow is cute. Meow."
K: "Oh."
Sidenote: This officially just got weird.
MM: "I'm going to a Met's game in Washington this month. It's far away. Washington is far away."
K: "Yes it is."
MM: "Meow. Meow. Do you like cats?"
K: "No."
MM: "Oh I thought you liked cats. You're cute like a cat. Cute girl. Cute girl. Meow."
K: "No I like dogs."
MM: "I'm a witness. I'm a Jehovah's witness. We're going to Paradise. I'm a witness. I'm going to the 7 train. I'm going to Queens Center Mall. I live in Belleview. Nice place. Meow I love my cat."
K: "Alright I have to go now, nice talking to you."
MM: "Oh you're leaving? Why?"
K: (Thought: Is this candid camera?) "My break is over." Polite smile, and extra quick steps to walk away.

The End.

CRAZY right?! Why do the crazies flock to me?

*May*keover has been good over the weekend. Did some good workouts, got some sun (sun burn over HALF my body in fact...and no I don't mean just my legs or just my arms, I mean my RIGHT SIDE...I was doing paperwork while tanning, apparently my binder's shadow is bigger than I thought....) I want to do a long run today, 4-5 miles. Wish me luck!
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