Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's getting hot in here...

HOLY HANNAH IT'S HOT!!! (I want to give a shout out to Jodi Zimmerman for the Holy Hannah statement.) Yea, so I think I'm just not used to it yet, but today I was like an overheated engine, there was nothing to give me relief! I ran the mile to the gym, which I had to stop TWICE during to catch my breath (Humidity was at 100%) and ran a mile at the gym, did an hour of weights and ran back. The run back was better because it was about to rain so the sky was ominously dark and windy, which worked to my advantage.

I ran 5 miles on Sunday, and the same thing happened: I had such a hard time! I hope I can get used to the hot weather and running outside, I love it so much, but I don't do it till about 3:30, and that's still a pretty hot time. Thankfully it's going to cool down a bit for a couple of days. I just need to up my water intake even MORE (I drink about 5-8 poland spring size bottles a day at work alone, not counting afterward which is even more!)

Alright, the *May*keover is almost complete, I'm feeling pretty good but I haven't gone on a digital scale and don't trust the stupid gym scale. We'll see if I can find one....but I have stayed dessert free all month until tonight at a friend's dinner which I was invited to which I was requested to bring a DESSERT for! AH! So, in the end, I decided to make this super healthy super yummy dessert. I didn't take a pic, but you get the idea. It's supposed to be a fourth of July cake, so I'll write it out like that:

What you'll need:
Fat-free sugar free cool whip (Can be regular)
fat free sugar free angel food cake (Can be regular)

  1. Slice the angel food cake about 1-2 inches thick and place it sideways into a baking dish (Like a 9x13)
  2. Take tops off strawberries then cut them into halves
  3. Spread cool whip over the cake (Might need more than one container if you like lots of it!)
  4. Put the blueberries neatly in the corner forming a square to be the "stars" of the American flag
  5. Place the strawberries horizontally to be the strips of the flag

Or you could just be like me tonight and throw the berries all over the thing! Anyway, if you get the idea, it took me 10 minutes to put together and the ENTIRE thing was gone in 10 minutes everyone loves this (Men included) And it has virtually no fat and calories, perfect as a hot humid summer day dessert! Good luck!

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