Monday, January 2, 2012

Confession: I love winter running, and other stuff.

I may look like a boy, but I love winter running! My winter gear is very specific. I usually opt for a short sleeve and long sleeve shirt combo, always moisture wicking. (Location of short sleeve shirt depends on the fit of it!) I got a nice running jacket from my Miller-in-Laws for Christmas, so I'm stoked to try that out in sub 30 degrees conditions. In order to get my TREND SETTING boy look, I wear my favorite Eddie Bauer beanie with a scratchy wool hat over it. I tuck my ponytail in between the two hats, and it so freeing and comfy, a la boyish. Add in some running pants and running gloves (Biker gloves for 30-40 degrees, adidas performance gloves for under 30 degrees), and there you have it. Today, since it's VICTORY MONDAY, AKA the Packers won (15-1, playoffs!) I wanted to wear my red shirt and Packers beanie, but alas, Mr. Miller has misplaced it. I opted for the home town rep instead. So, here is Mrs. Miller on a 3.4 mile Monday COLD run: (34 degrees)

January one mile or more streak going strong.

Despite popular belief, I love winter scenery. I stopped stretch out my hip for a brief second, and when I looked up this is what I saw:
A little barren, but full of potential. I hadn't run in the park since the beginning of December, so it was nice to return to my running grounds. There were plenty of runners out there pounding the pavement. I liked it.

Something not to love: the gym in January. I'm considering a January Gym Gem photo of the week, displaying the ridiculously crowded gym. If you want to make a change, I'm proud of you and encourage you to stick with it! If you're just taking up space and doing a half baked workout, that's what bugs me. Worst January Gym Gem memory from last year: All treadmills taken up...more than two people sipping Arizona iced teas to hydrate while walking at a 2.5 speed. Maybe I'll just avoid going to the gym in the afternoons in January. 5am-ers are pretty much the same folks I've been seeing for a year.
I love this cute puppy photo!!! I forgot about this one from New Years Eve. Isn't Lambeau Puppy a looker in his tuxedo?! Love him to pieces. He's a refined pup who enjoys cityscape views of the Empire State Building and New Yorker building. Classy Lamby. Classy.

This is what I'm currently excited about:
I. LOVE. THE. OLYMPICS!!! I'm an Olympic nut. The summer Olympics far outweigh the winter Olympics in my humble opinion. Swimming is my favorite event, followed by gymnastics, track and field, beach volleyball, and basically I'll watch anything else that's on. Does anyone else remember this photo? Men's 400m freestyle relay? Oh yea, Australia was ready to wipe the floor with us. Not on that day. The US KILLED it! I was jumping up and down screaming, I'll never forget it. Statistically the US was not favored, but their perseverance won them a huge gold medal. What spurned this addition to the post? NBC Sports just showed a commercial for the London 2012 games. Did I mention I teared up? I know I know. There's just something about sports and achieving a dream that gets me all welled up...

NEW COUNTDOWNS! We'll have two. Two things to look forward to. One running related, one fun related. Both are going to require a ton of working out, discipline, and healthy living!

50 days until Cancun and Winter Polka Dot Bikini!!!
81 Days until the 13.1 NYC half marathon!!!
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