Monday, January 9, 2012

Glad Game Monday

I was thinking of Pollyanna today. I was thinking about how I like "Thankful Thursdays", but I'm always extra thankful on Thursdays because it's one day until the weekend! Mondays, well, not to be a cliche, but they are my least favorite day. I did not wake up for a 5am gym date this morning, Mr. Miller STRONGLY advised I get extra sleep to fight the bug I'm praying I don't get. I also lost/misplaced an important collection of papers, which are probably in my cabinet at work in the main building; however, I won't find out until Tuesday afternoon and I'm slightly stressed about that. So, I got to thinking: Pollyanna never cared like this. She never stressed. So I googled the Glad Game she played. We could learn a lot from Pollyanna:

"Pollyanna's philosophy of life centers on what she calls "The Glad Game", an optimistic attitude she learned from her father. The game consists of finding something to be glad about in every situation." - Wikipedia

So, let's commence: Glad Game Mondays!
I'm glad that the PACKERS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS! Oh yes, we're going really deep here. They are awesome and I hope they go to the Super Bowl again this year. They're playing my home city's G-Men, so I'm a tad nervous...
I'm glad that my husband is the bestest. Sometimes I can be a bit, well, cranky. Sometimes I can be tired and sick like yesterday. Even when I lose my temper or just don't feel like doing things, he's encouraging and helpful...unless he's sick too. Then it's a messy house and soup from the can :-)

I'm glad that my blue eyes look extra blue sometimes. On random days, specifically cloudy days, my eyes look really nice. Mr. Miller has been encouraging me to be more positive and confident, so: I'm glad I have nice blue eyes.
I'm glad Tim Tebow won!!! HATERRRRSSSSS! I'm so glad he won. An underdog in sports is a winner to me, and he's proven how hard work and dedication are real tools toward achieving the impossible. Tebow is a FINISHER!

I'm thankful for good friends. I've made some good ones here in NYC, I wouldn't trade them for the world.

I'm glad that my friend has received two AMAZING blessings at once. Although I can't link you up to her blog just yet, I'll give you the brief recap. A very good friend, wife and mother of two shared some awesome news. After having three miscarriages, she finally was able to have two children. There were lots of prayers and tears for my friend. After baby number two, they decided their next addition would come through adoption. Long story short, they're in the process of adopting THREE SIBLINGS! All the kids are older than their oldest daughter, which is meaningful after losing three babies. Then, miraculously they qualified for a the most perfect house they could imagine!!! I'm so glad for my friend. She is blessed. God is good.

I'm glad that I ran 3 miles today. They weren't my best, they weren't my worst, and there was a heck of a lot of things that could have kept me from it: forgot we had to stay an extra 45 minutes at work for a meeting today, got stuck in Trader Joe's parking lot, at a stand still, for 15 FULL minutes (This is no exaggeration, there were people getting out and fighting), I needed to do laundry but got back so late I had to wear my least favorite running clothes...despite it all, I ran.

I'm glad I did.

What are you glad about today?! TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Running and Cross training my way because it's...
43 days until Cancun and Winter Polka Dot Bikini!!!
74 Days until the 13.1 NYC half marathon!!!
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