Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Healthy morning, noon, and night

I believe in early to bed early to rise...or maybe snooze anyway. However, these last few days I've been slow to adjust to being back to work. Over Christmas vacation I tended to stay up until 11pm-12am (Oh the horror!) as opposed to my usual 9-10pm bed time. I also woke up SIGNIFICANTLY later, between 8-10am instead of 6am...and 6:30am if it was a snooze day! So, the oddest things has happened: I've still been going to bed later (between 10:30pm and 11:00pm), but I've been getting up earlier. Usually I would feel gross and exhausted, but I've still felt energized! Must be going to the gym at 5am...and my delicious food I've been creating. Want to lead a healthy energized life? Do what you can to be healthy morning, noon, and night.

Morning: 5am workout. I headed to the gym and immediately completed my one mile on the treadmill...January Challenge of running at least 1 mile a day still going strong. I then had my workout/gym life revolutionized. Immediately following reading this post, commenting, following my blog and finding me on Twitter, you must download the new Nike Training Club app. I told 15 people about it today just because I loved it and felt like it NEEDED to be shared. It has 85 different workouts, different goals such as getting lean, toned, bulked, and levels such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. In addition to this, you can choose from MANY different workouts, get picture how to's for each move, the trainer speaks to you, times you and encourages you, AND it syncs to your music to pump you up! Best part? IT'S FREE. NO CROWDED GYM FULL OF GEMS REQUIRED. You'll only need a couple of free weights and maybe a medicine ball. Get this app. I act like I make a commission on it, but I seriously felt like I had a personal trainer kicking my rear end.

Morning: Breakfast of fitness-ers. I go with the Bob Harper motto: oatmeal every day. I make three servings of Trader Joe's instant steel cut oats at once, keep them in the fridge and measure out breakfast every morning. Since New Years prompted "healthy lifestyle changes" and a shortage of ripe bananas at my grocery store, I replaced them with apples and cinnamon. I usually add a teaspoon of peanut butter as well:

Noon: It's lunch time, yahoo! (Note: Mid-Morning Snack, usually a piece of fruit is not pictured.) I always bring two Nalgene bottles (32 ounces each) to work and drink them throughout the day. I pretty much have the same salad for lunch every day as well (Remember, I don't like change). This salad usually includes 1/4lb chicken breast deli meat rolled and sliced, chopped carrots, celery, red peppers, and any other veggie I have on hand with spring mix organic lettuce. I also found a GREAT use for my Hammer Gel dispenser...put salad dressing in them! I have so many, you get two with every order of a bulk size, so I have oh four of them. I figured out that they don't leak salad dressing (especially balsamic based dressings) like most containers do. Plus, they measure out the serving size for accurate measuring. Last, I take my GNC BeHot vitapak. This has tons of great stuff for active people and gives me a little boost to beat the 2pm slump. Sorry 5 hour energy, you're gross.
Night: 4pm fearfully anticipated Pilates class. Now, I got there 10 minutes late because I had to take care of Lambeau puppy...he's been sick since last night and having "accidents". When I deemed that he was sufficiently on the mend I raced over. Yup, it was scary. Especially since I had done a kickin' strength routine this morning. I survived, and I am gladly sore right now. I am excited to go back and push myself. Lesson learned: it was something to be feared, but a fear that I can conquer.

Night: Come and get some din din! Tonight we had a great dinner. I sauteed chicken in EVOO and cajun seasoning. I then made a great quinoa recipe, but sadly forgot the avocado (THAT I ALREADY PURCHASED!). Fail. I'll just have it in my salad tomorrow. Yummy.
Healthy all the time: Looking to keep yourself accountable? Yea, I should be getting commission on all the free apps I'm promoting. This here is MyFitnessPal. I've mentioned it before, but it is a fabulous way to keep yourself accountable with your intake. It is so easy (ESPECIALLY as a teacher with females who love chocolate) to indulge over. and over. and over. I indulge, trust me. The weekend is a non recording time, but I am mindful. I enjoy a glass of wine while cooking weeknights. If you're looking to keep a record of what you eat and know how many calories you should eat, check this one out. It also has a cool bar code feature for smart phones that allows you to scan a bar code and it automatically details the calories and serving size! This app is ALSO FREE!
Healthy clean clothes. Yea, this really has nothing to do with health, but isn't this the cutest laundry bag Mr. Miller got for us from Urban Outfitters!? The irony is that I do indeed drag a huge stockpile of clothes to Connecticut when we visit. Yup. I'm 27. It's all good.
Let's talk healthy! Do you find it hard?! It's taken me years of trial and error to figure out what works best for me. Have you used any of these apps? Tell me when you fall in love with Nike Training Club so we can proclaim it together.

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