Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Snowy Day Part I

I've decided that, in faith, each snowy day post will be titled "The Snowy Day Part X". I need. more. SNOW! specifically A real SNOW DAY from school. 3 out of 4 years we have had at least one, and up to three, since I have been a teacher. Lord, we need more snow.

Today, I had to work Saturday school...but not before Mr. Miller and Lambeau puppy walked me to my car!!! Here is snow beard puppy:
Mr. Miller and Lambeau puppy. Lambeau couldn't focus because he was so excited about the snow!
Lambeau puppy was mesmerized by something completely wonderful...
Mr. Miller clearing the snow off my car! I was so happy for this small gesture. I have short arms and it takes me forever. Like really short arms. Really.
Saturday school wasn't so bad today. Honestly, it wasn't! We read the Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, and the kids wrote their own stories about a snowy day that they've had, or would like to have. These kids have such personality! Listening to each story was so nice.

The view from my classroom. If you look close enough you can see the Unisphere from the World's Fair, the spaceships from Men in Black, and Citi Field (The Mets) is not pictured, but nearby:

It was foggy, snowy and wonderful. Mr. Miller, Lambeau puppy and I, are having a snowy day of our own. Relaxing. Napping. Cooking. Movie/DVR Watching. I need it. My legs are tired, my body is exhausted, and I need to rest for a nice run tomorrow. So far we've loved Money Ball and Alcatraz.

How was your Saturday? I'm looking forward to a snowy run tomorrow; did you run? Did you have to brave elements? Any good movies lately? TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Running and Cross training my way because it's...
31 days until Cancun and Winter Polka Dot Bikini!!!...ONE MONTH!!!
62 Days until the 13.1 NYC half marathon!!!
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