Friday, January 13, 2012

Wind and cold, oh my!

It's like Green Bay up in here! 32 degrees with wind gusts and extreme wind warnings.

I saved Lambeau from being blown away. Yup. He's a little pup. All 7.5lbs of him!!!

It's the playoffs this weekend. Sunday is a big game for the Packers, Giants are going DOWN!

It's a long weekend thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King. Seriously though, I was so thankful for his work today. As we were explaining to our students how things were between races back when MLK was a kid, the students were appalled! "Why did they care if they looked different?" "Why could black and white kids be friends?" It warms my heart that there are generations of children so far removed from the hatred that poisoned our country, and unfortunately can still poison it, for so long.

Today was a rest day. Yoga is SO not happening, it's FREEZING! I'm planted firmly on the couch with Lambeau Puppy, People magazine, a glass of wine and Water for Elephants. Mr. Miller is working late, so it's girly movie night!!! I'm gearing up for a 4-? mile run tomorrow. I don't think I can brave the cold in the early morning, and I want to hit up hot yoga at 10am, so I'm feeling a 6 mile treadmill run. My training plan calls for 4 miles, but I want to add a few extra miles where I can. I miss those guilt free brunches after high double digit runs!!!

Looking for something cool to watch Sunday night? Oh wait, besides the Packers game! Chicrunner was on My Fair Wedding!!! Her episode is this Sunday! I watched a preview and, my goodness, it's weird to see a blogger in real life TALKING!

Any big weekend plans? TELL ME ABOUT IT! Get out there and run! ...or to the gym.

Running and Cross training my way because it's...
39 days until Cancun and Winter Polka Dot Bikini!!!
70 Days until the 13.1 NYC half marathon!!!
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