Monday, October 8, 2012

Glad Game Monday XX

Ah, it's the 20th Glad Game Monday Post! WOOHOO! Lots of Mondays choosing to be glad instead of down. After seeing the Chicago Marathon streaming live, friends getting PR's, and Columbus Day off today, there is plenty to be glad about this Monday!

I'm glad that Jocelyn and Carla ran AWESOME races in the Chicago Marathon on Sunday! Seriously. These ladies both scored 20+ minute PR's and made me hopeful that my goal (eh hmmm not really mentioned on the blog as of yet because, well, I'm nervous!) is attainable. Also, congrats to my friend Brenda! She was coming off a great PR in Louisville and ran Chicago! GREAT job ladies! You're my inspiration for getting out to run my best run today!!! 

I'm glad the temperatures have become more weather appropriate. I nearly died last week at school. Couple disgusting humidity with a cold, and I was pretty miserable as a teacher in a hot hot hot classroom! Thank goodness this week will include more hot coffee / hot tea drinking weather!!! I still have yet to have a pumpkin spice latte...maybe this week will be the week!

I'm glad that I ran in my favorite kind of weather! It's no secret that I love running in cooler temps; however, so cold so soon meant I waited to run until the temps got a tad bit warmer around 11am. Today's 6 mile tempo run was steady and consistent. My splits were all the in 9's, averaging 9:46/mile. This run was a great way to kick off my comeback from the cold week.

I'm glad someone likes to snuggle. I know I know. Blah blah blah I love my dog. But come on! He's so cute. Since it was a cold and rainy weekend, Lambeau Puppy was extra snuggly. Couple that with a Packers loss (of which we will not speak), he slept and snuggled and slept some more! I was glad to be a willing participant. 

I'm glad I got to go to a Uconn football game! Although this was last week, it still deserved the add. We got to go to the football game with my brother and his wife, an annual tradition that we had to skip last year. SO glad to hang out with them! I'm also glad that my sister-in-law, Mrs. McAuliffe, has been cancer free since December 2011 and plans to stay that way!!! GO DEB!

What are you glad about today?! Celebrating Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 1492? Glad that Breaking Amish is a show?! Glad that it's LESS THAN A MONTH UNTIL THE NYC MARATHON?! Tell me about it!!!

26 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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