Friday, October 19, 2012

"Injury", be gone!

Ingrown toe nails suck. They're like the smallest issue that can be extremely painful. You'd think I could cut it out myself, but I don't have a million tools extra sharp and fine enough to do so. After a traumatizing infection I soaked in Epsom salt and slathered on Neosporin. Yesterday was the first day of no oozing from the infection. Good sign. Still panicked. Today's appointment was the determiner of whether or not I'd be in a SUPER taper (sidelined), or just regular taper.

Via This was the scene this morning: cloudy and wet but no rain!

I ran 8 miles this morning. I completed my first taper long run. It was only a bit painful. It was glorious. I thought for a minute that I would run on the treadmill since the weather said 90% chance of rain...but when I brought Lambeau Puppy outside, I realized I'd rather run in the rain than run on a treadmill (This is a new phenomena that began this year). So I got on a tank, light jacket, capris and headed to my park. Immediately I was HOT in the jacket. Hello humidty in OCTOBER. I wore the tank for the majority of my run because, surprisingly, I didn't rain until mile 6.5. By then I was EXCITED for the rain because the air was hot and thick. I met Mr. Miller on his way home from a Cross Fit workout so we walked together for .25 mile...turns out I didn't turn off my watch! Sigh. I ended up running the last mile in 9:44 to help out my average, ending with a 10:57/mile pace. Not bad for walking 1/4 of a mile! Feeling good before my appointment.

I went to the Podiatrist ANXIOUS. I knew that I was overreacting, but I had this procedure done when I was 13 and it was HORRIFIC. The doctor was awful. There was tons of pain, blood, and he could have cared less. Therefore, this past experience was making me more anxious than normal. Although I waited 30 minutes in the exam room (per usual), the doctor was SO nice. He listened to crazy me explain that the marathon was two weeks away, my nail debacle last Friday night, and I showed him daily pictures of the swelling. (Obsessed much?!) After looking at my toe he determined that A) I indeed had an ingrown toe nail, B) the infection was gone because of my use of Epsom salt and Neosporin (Thanks Coach Nurse extraordinaire! No antibiotics to give me stomach aches!), and C) he was going to do a less invasive procedure to alleviate the pain and get me through the marathon. SCORE! He did the procedure without anesthesia (My preference: needles hurt more than cutting my nail out would, thanks.), and it was done within 15 minutes. Here is my lovely small, yet such a pain in the toe!

Via: MY FOOT. He asked me if I wanted to take it home. I said NO. 

I'll have to have a more invasive procedure eventually. Since I'm prone to them, it's better to get the bottom the nail bed (Matrix?) lasered off to prevent repeated injury. We'll cross that bridge...after 11/4/12!

Via Now it's time to paint my toesies with Marathin by Essie! They need it.

So now, I'm back in business. I'm excited that I'm done with my long run, that I get to indeed go hiking this weekend, and I didn't have to see any blood! Hooray! However, I am thinking of all the runners facing injuries. You have my support and a sincere, "You can do it, get well soon!" I know that an ingrown toe nail is NOT the end of my running world by far, and I wish all injured runners reading this a speedy recovery, coming back better than ever!!!

How about you? Any fun plans this weekend? Have you come back from an injury stronger than ever? What's the worst thing that's happened to you during a taper?! Tell me about it!!!

15 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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