Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Moments to make a Teacher Runner Smile

There are moments as a teacher that warm your heart. Moments when a student looks at you with a gleam in their eyes and say things such as, "You're the best Mrs. Miller." or "I missed you Mrs. Miller." in such a pure way that you can't help but envy their innocence  There are those times that you want to pull your hair out because students are driving you COO-COO for coco puffs (I say that to them...). This week, two days into the week, I've had two beautiful moments with some students. 

First moment: writing an essay on health. I am an ESL teacher, and I am preparing students to be able to write an essay based on a subject they may or may not know about. They take an assessment test in May, so each week we discuss a new subject, answer questions, and then write an essay about it. This week I showed the students a picture of children running and a picture of fruits and vegetables. The question was, "What are some ways that people live a healthy life?" The following conversation ensued:

Student: Mrs. Miller, I know why you chose this question. 
Me: Why? (As I snag a carrot from my bag...starving without a break for four hours.)
Student: I see you running outside. You run for like an hour. And you're always eating healthy snacks. Oh, and you teach the yoga class! You think it's important to be healthy.

Sigh. Day made. They see it.

Second moment: students are finishing up work. Some students are taking longer than others, so those who finish early are allowed to read a book. A shy student motioned me over to his desk. The following conversation ensued:

Student: Mrs. Miller, you like this book? (Holds up a book called "Endurance Running")
Me: I'm sure I would! I've never seen it before! (I'm SHOCKED.)
Student: You do this? (Points to a page with the headline: MARATHON
Me: Yes, that's what I'll be doing November 4. If you read this book, you'll understand what I'll be doing in a couple of weeks.
Student: Okay. I will.
(Minutes go by...)
Student: Wow Mrs. Miller. You must run all the time!

My students are making connections based on their observations of me. I don't really know the student in the first moment very well. This is their first year being a student of mine, although we've interacted occasionally. The student in the second moment must have REALLY been listening when I spoke during our first class when I told them "All About Mrs. Miller". I'm glad to see that my actions are helping students understand what a healthy, active lifestyle is.

How about you? Do you have people who look to you as a healthy influence? Do your kids sometimes make you coo-coo for coco puffs? Did you watch the debate?! (Wait, don't answer that, SOMEHOW political insanity will commence! HAHA!) TELL ME ABOUT IT!

19 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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