Monday, October 15, 2012

Glad Game Monday XXI

Hello Monday, you're bringing me one step closer to my marathon! Do you think that way? Or do you veer toward "SDJ$^$%^%^%$#$." Yea. I have those days. ALL. THE. TIME. Today, for example, when my swollen/red toe that I irritate while trimming the other day started pussing stuff out. Yup. Infected ingrown toe nail THREE WEEKS before the marathon! I'm having the surgery Friday, FIRST and only appointment for the next MONTH. However, being LESS than three weeks out from a fantastic marathon, I am feeling a  bit giddy. So, let's choose to list some things we're GLAD about this Monday!!!

I'm GLAD I ran 20 miles on Saturday!!! Yes, it's true. I had a BUNCH of things stacked against me, including a SWOLLEN/SORE toe from a nail clipping gone bad, irritated stomach, barely any sleep, and much much more, oh my! I sat at 5:15am looking at Lambeau Puppy's face after I tossed and turned from 2am and on after discovering a toe that didn't look like mine. I decided that I could tough it out. I ran a few practice runs as I brought him outside to do his business and it was tolerable. I'm GLAD that my toe went numb, that I had great co-runners, and that it was COMPLETED! IT'S TAPER TIME! (Said in a Jersey Shore "It's T-Shirt time" kind of way)

I'm glad for this little guy. I'm still thinking of our friends who suddenly and unexpectedly lost their pooch. Lambeau Puppy is receiving longer walks, more play time, and extra love in light of his cousin passing. He has been a great companion, especially on Friday nights filled with Law and Order SVU Marathons, macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets. AKA LAME. He snuggles in and settles for a quiet pre-long run night!

I'm glad I saw this Saturday night! This was on my Yogi Bed Time Tea and it moved me...okay maybe I teared up a bit. Shoot. Running Crazies?! I'm ALSO glad I got to see some FABULOUS friends Saturday night, sanz photos! Boo! What was I thinking?! Well, Mr. Miller and I had a great dinner with the Grays and met Ms. Kiernan who was bartending. Needless to say, it was a great post 20 mile run evening filled with french fries, mexican food, wine, pumpkin beer, and LOTS of walking. Precisely what I needed!

I'm glad I made butternut squash risotto! I've been making this for two years, and it is by FAR my favorite recipe. We talked about it during our long run Saturday, and I *HAD* to make it Sunday. Many people on Twitter asked about it, so here is the link: butternut squash risotto. My adjustment is that I bought one container of chicken stock, but it does not equal 5 cups, it was about 3.5 cups. I adjusted the recipe by adding more white wine to the recipe to help the risotto soak and fluff. (By eye! Just count to 3 as you pour!) Buying another chicken stock would have left 2/3 of it in my fridge, and the white wine (I used sauvignon blanc) leaves a RICH flavor!

I'm glad my nephew things we're cool people in NYC! This is his class' version of a "Flat Stanley". He sent it to us in hopes that we would go some places with Mr. Help. Oh Mr. Help, you don't even know! He's going to the Statue of Liberty, Bear Mountain, and to school with ME! We were thrilled to receive this in the mail.

What are you GLAD about today?! Your barista remembered your order AND spelled your name correctly? Your team won this weekend?! Your long run was spectacular?! TELL ME ABOUT IT!

20 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!
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