Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Marathon Checklist

Everyone has a checklist. Mine is daily. Teaching checklists, home checklists, running checklists, ugh. They're ever present, never finished, and always growing. However, this is the BIG one. The 26.2 marathon checklist. This is the basic format:

In addition to those all important checks, here's the REAL checklist!

  • Make a playlist. I've been writing song names down on my notepad to ensure that I collect songs that I get pumped about. I'll reveal it soon. Or on November 3 at 8pm. Who knows?!
  • Buy the nutrition bar that worked on the last 20 miler. They sell it at the nutrition store around the corner; chia seeds, gluten free, not melt-worthy chocolate. Yum.
  • LAUNDRY. Every runners pesky detail.
  • Confirm marathon day outfit. I've been getting nervous about the weather. It's been FAIRLY warm recently. My plan is the gray shirt and black shorts I wore on my most recent 20 miler, and in last year's marathon. If the high is above 60, I'll have to panic rethink my outfit.
  • Eat carbs. I have been enjoying potatoes recently, and apparently Runner's World calls them the "perfect carb". 
  • Go to expo Thursday night. Yea. I won't be toying with Friday or Saturday. The earlier, the better. 
  • Get a  manicure with "Marathin" Essie nail polish.
  • Write thank you notes to people who have supported me. This is important, and I did it verbally last year because I was so busy. I intend on going old school and sending a thank you note.
  • Pray for good weather. This is ongoing. Heard there's a hurricane approaching? Snowtober? Let it be gone before marathon weekend!
  • Relax. Ha. Easier said than done! Mr. Miller and I will be retreating to Connecticut this weekend. I'll get to enjoy some time with family. I hope to take in the crisp fall air, smell of leaves, and Lambeau puppy running free in the backyard. 
How about you? Are you a checklist nut? Do you list things to do? Do you wing it? Am I missing anything? Tell me about it! 

10 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!..birthday tomorrow!!!
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