Tuesday, October 30, 2012

With Sandy gone, NYC marathon update

Thankfully everyone I know is well. This may mean they are without power or even displaced, but they are alive and safe. We had massive winds but barely any flooding, thankfully not losing power for more than 30 seconds. Others haven't been so lucky, you're in our thoughts and prayers. Check out this great post on ways you can help in NYC and for the marathon: http://runstrongereveryday.com/2012/10/30/what-marathon/

There seems to be a lot of controversy concerning the NYC marathon. Twitter is alive with speculation, retweets, articles and debates.

All that being said, it appears that the marathon still has a good chance of happening. See articles below:



I believe this is a decision to do something that benefits the city financially, runners who have trained for many months, and the overall moral after a trying few days. Many non runners believe it should be scrapped altogether, not realizing what a marathon can bring.

A marathon can bring excitement to a city that feels weary. A marathon can bring inspiration to people who are distracted by negative situations. A marathon can bring fun to a stressful week. If the marathon doesn't hurt the city, it can only help it.

Godspeed to all who are traveling. If you arent able to make it, my heart breaks for you. I hope NYRR will seriously consider not charging these runners for deferring. It's not in their power, and a lot of them are already lising money with travel expenses that will not be refundable. I encourage out of who do make it to reach out on the ING NYC Marathon Facebook page and coordinate cab rides by location; this could alleviate the stress and financial burden of not taking the $2.25 subway.

4 days until the ING NYC Marathon

Edited to add: pictures below are from my local park and neighborhood. Also blogging from my phone is annoying!!!
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