Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NYC Running Routes: Roosevelt Island

Since I'm currently battling a cold, why not talk about past runs that rocked?! If you're planning your long run, this could be the route for you! ENJOY!

Do you like bridge running? Sure I do. I've run the Brooklyn Bridge, the Queensboro Bridge, the Pulaski Bridge, and little unnamed ones out in the 'burbs. However, I had never run over the Roosevelt Island Bridge. I had heard good things about running on Roosevelt Island, so I finally decided to give it a go! Let's check out the in's and out's of the mystery island in between Manhattan and Queens.

Name: Roosevelt Island

Location: On the East River in between Manhattan and Queens.

Distance: 3.6 around the edge of the island.

Entrance: There are a few options to get onto Roosevelt Island. If you're coming from Manhattan, you could take the Roosevelt Island Tram! Entrance is located on 60th Street and 2nd Avenue. As I said in the Pulaski Bridge Running Route post, you could also opt to run over the Queensboro Bridge into Queens and enter from the Queens side. To enter from the Queens side, take the N/Q to Queensboro Plaza or R/M/E to Queens Plaza. Head East on 21st Street toward 38th Avenue. Turn left on 36th Avenue and enter the walk way on the Roosevelt Island Bridge on 36th Street and Vernon Boulevard. You will see signs directing you to the bridge ahead.

Best part about running over the bridge: No bikes allowed on the walkway! They have their own lane on the road, which I'm sure they prefer anyway. 

Once you're over the bridge, you have to go down stairs or an elevator. Veer right once you finish running over the bridge. It's the only way to get on to the actual island. It breaks up your run a bit, but it only takes a minute or less. 

Oh, the views! I feel like every running route has great views! You get views of Long Island City as well as the New York skyline along the East River.

Via View of LIC

Via View of Manhattan

There are cool things to look at! There is a section of Roosevelt Island that becomes like an official Park. They're still doing a little construction on it, but there are ruins of an old hospital. Kind of creepy, but cool to check out...on the run ;-)

The bathroom and water situations are great! There were six bathrooms (Only two stalls open, it was early!), four water fountains, and sinks with soap inside and outside the bathrooms! No need to feel gross for using the restroom, they are clean and fully stocked with all the essentials that disappear on most race days. This is located at the beginning of the ruins park area.

Roosevelt Island is a great place to take pictures. Because there are great views everywhere you turn, we just wanted to take photo after photo! However, there were miles to be run, so we kept it to a reasonable minimum:

Verdict: Running on Roosevelt Island is right if...
- You like a relatively flat running route.
- You enjoy running surrounded by water.
- You need limited to no shade (Great for fall and spring running!)
- You enjoy seeing a little taste of the 'burbs, like kids playing soccer, dogs being walked = Heaven.
- You want to try something new!

31 days until the ING NYC MARATHON!!!...almost a month! GAH! I need to get better!
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