Friday, October 19, 2012

Philly Marathon Goals

This is it. The goal post! I'm putting it out there, saying what I want. There's a certain fear in saying what I hope to achieve. What anyone fears is not reaching a goal that they really, really want. This time, I really want it. 

Last time, my goal was finishing. I reached it. I achieved it. I succeeded. My secret goal was getting my name in the New York Times. A piece of me got a bit sad when my watch beeped 5:00 and I was a mile away. Seeing it at the Finisher's Pavilion was also a sad moment for about 30 seconds. Then I realized that, heck, I finished a marathon! What would I do with that paper anyway?! Oh, I'm sure Pinterest has some ideas...


Here are some of my goals for the marathon:

Stay Focused. 

First Marathon: I feel like I was just along for the ride the first time. Taking in the scenery, lala land style. 
This Marathon: I will be monitoring my pace based on feel. I'm going to be constantly assessing how I feel; do I have more to give? Do I need slow down a bit? 

First Marathon: Last time I saw my family twice. I stopped both times, hugged, got pep talks etc.
This Marathon: I will only be seeing Mr. Miller in passing. (he surprised me and got a last minute bus ticket to Philly!!!)

First Marathon: I had a lot of fun. Lots high fives, lots of "Thanks You's" to supporters.
This Marathon: I will smile. Talking takes a lot of energy. I will TRY to restrain myself from talking...but I like to talk. So we'll see. Stay focused.

Stay in Good Form.

First Marathon: I tripped on the Verrazano Bridge within the first mile. (NOTE: The white lane dividers painted on road are RAISED!)
This Marathon: I will be VERY careful with picking up my feet. When I get distracted, I tend to trip! I will be paying closer attention.

First Marathon: I didn't pay as close attention to my form as I should have. My fuel belt actually helps me stand up straight, but some of those hills definitely induce some forward leaning.
This Marathon: Every mile I'm checking my form. It's good for my whole body, but especially for my knees and hips.

Stay under 5:00

First Marathon: 5:10:23
This Marathon: >5:00. This is my only goal. There isn't a plan A, B, and C. I plan on crossing the finish line with a sweet PR. If it's 4:30, WOW. If it's 4:45, GREAT. If it's 4:59:59 FANTASTIC.

First Marathon: I had a sweet medal photo.
This Marathon: Repeat performance.

1 day until the Philly marathon!!!
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